About Us

Who Am I

My name is Tom Bruner and I am sixty years old. I call this my last lap. If life is a four lap race. The last quarter is the last lap. Why is that important? I think that we, as a society, have spent way too much time doing and worrying about stuff that has no actual bearing on our lives.

I've struggled with a lot in my life, including mental health. I've been to the bottom. And you know what it's filled with? Yourself. There isn't a person I know who truly puts others' first who isn't happy. That is not barely taking care of yourself. It's taking care of yourself so well that you able to concentrate on the needs of others.

What We Stand For

EZGO represents the part of life that we need to fill it with and the part we need to let go of. Let's agree that we can do better if we know how. I hope to be some help as the reason you go through hard times is to help others going through the same thing.